Why pay a web design company when I can build a free site?
Why pay a web design company when I can build a free site?
Web design as a service is quite often fairly underappreciated. Online website builder companies (think GoDaddy, Wix etc) easily convince many businesses that web design and website development is a simple task that doesn't take too long and requires no specialist skills. But this simply isn't the case, particularly when you take into consideration an ecommerce giant like B&Q invested upwards of ₤60 million on their website rebuild. Whilst it's not likely you'll spend even a fraction of that, it is still important to keep in mind that investing in web design is a business essential. Therefore, we've put together this blog post to enable you to weigh up the differences between “free” online website builder sites and professional web design firms. You may have the very best products or services within your industry, but if a potential buyer struggles to navigate your website then you’re falling at the first hurdle. If users are dissuaded by unappealing website builder templates used in the creation of the site, they won’t get as far as seeing what you have to offer them or even finding your contact details to get in touch with you to arrange a sales demo. A professional web design firm can help make sure you have the very best possible customer navigation as well as eye-catching design that will hold your visitors' attention. A unique, bespoke website is an advertising tool in itself. The purpose of your site is to attract visitors and convert them into delighted customers. That's why investing in great web design is a sensible move. Online website builder sites aren't there for that function - they merely exist for small businesses to post a couple of details and have a minimal online presence. Nowadays, individuals have shorter attention periods than ever before. This suggests that as quickly as they arrive at your site, they will make an immediate decision regarding the authenticity of your company, and this will determine whether or not they continue to search the website. They will also hit the back button and go straight to a quick Google search that will direct them straight to your rival business and their bespoke, custom-made website that achieves great search engine ranking results. For instance, when you search for Wix, the initial result states "create a free website with Wix". Nevertheless, they offer a vast array of paid alternatives, some of which some still display "Wix Brand name Advertisements" even though you are paying for their premium offering! Naturally, if you're a small business, or simply getting started in your industry, then maybe getting your name out there with the help of a “free” website building service, may just be worth a shot with one of these cost-free website builders. But once you have actually developed your brand a little bit more, you really need to consider a bespoke web design tailored to your needs. This is where our skills come into play. You can find out more about our services by emailing brian@kineticjam.co.uk or calling Brian Crocker on +44 1752 938130. Let us help you grow your business.    

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